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Local fifth grade students were tasked to write Letters to the Editor, and the following views emerged  (reprinted with permission from Antelope Valley Press, 5/18/05, D3).


      A student from Palmdale wrote: “What do you see when you are driving into town? I see houses being built.  It is a concern for me that too many houses are being built.  When I am driving into town I see people destroying the desert—the place where animals live and the place I call home.  When people ask me where I live, I say, “The desert.”  Well, now that is an answer I can no longer say.”


     A student from Lancaster wrote: “I saw that there has been a lot of construction going on.  The construction is destroying animals’ homes.  I think that empty buildings should be used to make new ones.  So, if anyone wanted to make a new building, they could use an empty store instead of using a place where animals live.  This would help save the animals’ homes and the environment.  There would be more animals, birds and nature.  Then the Antelope Valley would be a more beautiful place.”


      A student from Leona Valley wrote: “I am confused about all of the homes being built…  It is ruining a lot of animals’ homes.  They are forced to move into unsafe territory…  If we keep building homes before other homes are sold, the desert tortoise might be extinct in a few years.  Then other children might not get to see the beautiful creatures God made out here in the desert.  I think we could have a whole bunch of land set aside for animals.  Either that, or have no new homes built.”

Photo Credit: Cecilia Rejas