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ANTELOPE VALLEY CONSERVANCY is no longer publishing a quarterly newsletter. Please see our Facebook and Twitter feeds for news and information.

The Conservancy News was published for many years by the Antelope Valley Conservancy, and discontinued in 2012, with transition to Facebook and Twitter news feeds. News articles are welcome and will be given consideration for sharing. Requests for Correction should be submitted promptly to, specifically referencing the incorrect information and providing refuting information. All content is Copyright of Antelope Valley Conservancy and may not be reprinted in any excerpted form. All Rights Reserved.




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Conservancy News March 2012


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Press & Video 2011

AV Conservancy Earth Day Cleanups

AV Conservancy's National Public Lands Day 2011

Wetlands Acquisition Marks Endangered Species Day in AV

Conservancy celebrates acquisition of wetlands 5/20/11

Antelope Valley Ride 5/7/11 (large download, be patient)

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Conservancy NewsNovember 2010

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Press & Video 2010

10/10/10 Bag Exchange

"Day spreads awareness for endangered species" 5/22/10

"Cycling " 5/15/10

Antelope Valley Ride 5/15/10

16th Annual Earth Day Cleanup, 4/10/10

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"Wildlife conference features Tippi Hedren" 5/15/09

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3rd Annual Endangered Species Day Conference 5/16/08)

Martin Luther King Jr. Service Day 1/10/08

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2nd Annual Endangered Species Day Press Conference 5/18/07

Council, Conservancy join to save trails 3/9/07

Global positioning will put trails on map 3/4/07

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Press & Video 2006

What Students Say

Nonprofit Agency Seeks AV Land Preservation 5/12/06

First Endangered Species Day in AV 5/11/06


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